Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lake Havasu Bluegrass Festival 2010

We had a fantastic weekend at Havasu Landing
Bluegrass Festival... Even if half of the family
was under the weather...
This is a shot of Lake Havasu... When on
stage this is what you look out and see...
Here is a night shot...

Our first night was a cold one... The mobile home
we stayed in had a little trouble with the furnace...
It didn't work :-/ We woke up Friday morning
and it was 56 degrees... Us poor AZ people were
freezing... Here is Colin...
...And Tommy... Bundled up, in the living room,
trying to get warm before heading out for
the big day of music and fun.

Megan and Sara didn't even want to
get out of bed...
Neither did Philip...

Jacob stayed in the motor home with Grandma
and Papa so he was nice and toasty.
Here is practice time in the Mo...

Going over the set list...

Tommy going over his song... He wasn't feeling
good so his memory stunk! He couldn't remember
all of the words so we had to save that song
for a later date... It was fun hearing him
practice... He's a big ham!
Here is Waldo and Jacob... 3rd Generation
invited him to play a few songs with them.

Mark and Jacob.

Megan and Sara playing cards and marbles
with some of the folks in the hospitality tent.
You can see some others jamming in the background.
They will play music and games way into the night.
High Plains Traditions...From Colorado.

Gerri and Doug Elrick, from High Plains Traditions.
I had to take a picture with him and post it because
he reminded me of Darryl Clark.
Here is Sara and Dale Ann Bradley and "Flat" Shipley.
Chris Harris is hiding in the background.
Dale Ann is the three time IBMA female vocalist
of the year. She is a sweetie.

Dale Ann performing with her band...
Mark Phillips (Band leader from 3rd Generation) and Sara.
Again... Dale Ann Bradley and her band...And
Sara and "Flat" Shipley.
Chris Harris (Mandolin player for Dale Ann) and Sara.

Getting ready for our last set on Sunday...
Like father... Like son.

Gerri on Sunday morning...
Philip... Trying to get his contacts on and
looking at mom thinking... "Why are you
taking my picture... I'm a little busy"
Sara Beth looking beautiful as usual...
Devious Megan... Hoarding the box of Ritz crackers...
Megan again... I'm not sure what she's up too...
Tommy... Looking very suspicious...
The Love Birds on Valentine's Day.
On stage with "Flat" Shipley...
Ok...You're probably wondering..."Who is "Flat" Shipley"?
Dr. Shipley is Sara's Orthodontist and he is having
a contest. Sara has to take a paper cut-out of
Dr. Shipley everywhere she goes, until the end
of August. She has to keep pictures and a journal
of all of his travels and turn in the journal at the
end of August. Whoever has the best journal
wins a laptop computer... So... That is "Flat" Shipley
in Sara's hand. He has a cowboy hat on and he's
holding a Banjo.

And here you have it....
The Shuler Family Band!