Monday, February 27, 2012

God Is So Amazing!

God never ceases to amaze me. Just this morning, during our devotions, I prayed that God would help us to be a blessing to someone today. As I heard these words come out of my mouth, I thought, "Who else would I be a blessing too, other than Grandma... Since that's who we spend most of our time with"... So I hoped to be a blessing to her... But God had something else planned for me today. The Internet guy came by to take care of a cable that had come uncovered in our back yard. As we were talking about the cable, he looked at me and smiled. He said, "You're a Christian, aren't you?" I stopped and stared at him for a second... I had done or said nothing about God... Could he possibly see God on my countenance? I hope so! I smiled back and said, "Yes, I am!" We talked about the Lord for awhile. I gave him a copy of our CD and told him about our ministry. As I started to walk into the house he said, "Thank you Ma'am... I mean, Sister." When I walked into the house I remembered my prayer that I had just prayed a few hours earlier... Now, that may seem like a small thing to some, but I am SO blessed! I love it when God answers a prayer so different from what you were expecting. I just want to be a usable vessel. This is the best Monday ever!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Washington DC - Virginia Trip

I could not even begin to express how blessed and thankful

the kids and I were to be able to take this trip. We boarded

Frontier Airlines on Feb. 14th and flew to Washington DC.

After a long flight, we arrived at Reagan National Airport

at 10:00pm. Sis. Connie Wilson and Sis. Johnna

picked us up and drove us to our motel room. Thank you

Johnna for finding a fantastic room for us. It was so nice

to see these beautiful ladies... Especially since they knew

their way to the motel. The next morning, Colin, Jacob,

Philip, Paul and Cathy Horton and Heather arrived at our

motel. My heart still skips a beat when I see my wonderful

husband. After all of the greetings we jumped into our vans

and headed out for a whirlwind tour of DC. We were limited

on time so the Smithsonian was not on our agenda.

We found some parking places right down town, which

was amazing, especially since we had two vehicles and

they were right close to each other... After parking, we started

walking. The park was FULL of geese. Paul tells Tommy, "I'll

give you five dollars if you can catch one of those geese." Off

he ran!

He didn't catch one, but he had a nice run. On the way
back he said, "It's ok, I have money in my pocket." He's
so funny. So, we keep walking through the park. This is so
amazing! We are in the Nation's Capital... How cool is this?
It is a lot to take in... But no time to proccess.

Here we are, the Shuler family, minus Paul and Grace. :-(
Next time, hopefully we'll all be together...
ALL... Right Lyndi?

Standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

This is SO amazing! If you've ever seen "Night at the Museum"

you feel like Lincoln could wake up at any moment. A must see!

TV or pictures do not even begin to give this sight

justice... So... WOW!

From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, looking

out towards the Washington Monument. There is

a lot of construction going on behind the kids...

I tried to cover it up as best as I could. I'm sure

they are working very hard to get this finished

before the upcoming elections.

My honey and I.

It is hard to see, but the Capital Building

is in the distance... It's hard to take your

eyes off of these goofy kids, I know.

Again, Capital Building in distance.

Sitting in front of the White House.

Oh yeah! What's more American than having

a hotdog, right in front of the White House...

And ordering it from an Asian guy who speaks Spanish(?)


Some Fine Art...

More Art....

Paul and Cathy, waiting for us...

Onto Arlington National Cemetery...

I don't think I really realized how big this place was...

A solemn reminder of what war does... I am so

very grateful for the men and women who

have given their lives for this amazing country.

We went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

and watched the changing of the guard.

We had a long day... Lots of walking... Lots

of sights... The kids were pooped!

We drove to Lynchburg, VA to stay the night

at the Horton's house. After a good night's rest,

we headed to TN for the Couple's Retreat.

It was a beautiful drive, even if the ground was

brown and the trees were leafless. I kept saying,

"I bet this is gorgeous in the summer".

The Lodge where the Retreat was held

was so nice. We had a nice room with a fireplace.

Of course we had to use it! As always, I was

cold most of the time.

Here is the Master Fire Starter.

We had a great Retreat! The fun, fellowship and

prayer time was just what I needed. The kids

were having a wonderful time in Marion, VA with

the Womack kids. Eric Hogan and Katlin Horton

were there for the Sunday service and they all

said it was fantasic one. It snowed most of the day

on Sunday so after service the kids had to go

and take advantage of the white stuff and built

a snow person and had snow ball fights.

Back at retreat... We were able to be with family....

And friends... And meet new friends...

Tommy enjoying the snow...

Megan and Sarah Womack.

Colin, me, Crystal and Shaun Womack in
front of an old Church near Marion, VA.

This is what it would look like if it were snowing.

The kids were curious to see the inside...

Cemetery beside the old church.

Colin, reading names and dates.

The Womack's sure can show you a good time...

Sight seeing... They take us to the Mental Hospital.

:o) HaHaHaHa!!! I think I'll make my reservations.

It is a cool and creepy looking building.

We then drove up to Hungry Mother Park.

We looked around the little museum they had

in the Ranger Station. In the Gift Shop we

found a Critter Net...

And it worked!

A Marion Snow Family along side of the road.

We had such a great time. We made new friends.

Thank you to the Womack Family for driving us

to your house and giving us a place to sleep.

(Even if Bro. Shaun did drive with one hand on the

wheel and talked on the phone while driving in snow)

Thank you to the Horton's for playing in DC

with us, taking us to Retreat and letting us stay

at their house. Thank you to the Sheets for doing

a great job directing their first Retreat.

It was an all around GREAT time.

It was hard to leave Colin, Jacob and Philip

again... But so thankful for the time we had together.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Year Has Begun

The holidays have come and gone and here we are in a new year... 2012. We were blessed to be together, with the whole family, for a week in December. So thankful for every minute we had together. Grace and her family came December 14th and stayed for a week. We always love our time together with her, Paul and our grand babies. Colin and the boys were home from December 16 - January 24th. The time flew by, as usual, and the guys are back on the road and Paul and Grace are back in Havre. School is back in full swing and we are already looking forward to summer break.

When the guys left here, they headed for Alabama. Men's retreat, revivals and singings will keep them busy for the next several months, through AL, VA, NC, GA, FL. We are so grateful that God has provided a way for Sara, Megan, Tommy and I to fly out east and spend a week with the guys. We will fly to Washington DC and meet them there for a day of sight seeing with our good friends, Paul and Cathy Horton, as our guides :o). Colin and I will attend the Couple's Retreat while the kids get to spend time with friends in VA. We are SO looking forward to this little vacation and time spent together. You never really realize how important family is until you are separated.

The next four months the guys will be busy travelling the east and the rest of us will be here in AZ, with Grandma, who is doing pretty good for her age. Speaking of Grandma, she will be celebrating her 95th birthday next month... Stay tuned for pictures of that event.

I will try to update every now and then on the reports of the revivals. But until then, enjoy some random pictures of the past couple of months...

Our little Burrito Boy, Max.

Zoe and Auntie Meg @ Glendale Glitters.

All of our kids and grand babies.

Shuler sisters.

Me and my wonderful husband.


The guys...

The gals...

Jacob and Tommy

Jacob and Philip... Sporting the "hairy chin" look.

Colin made them shave before going back

on the road.

Life is good and God is ever faithful to meet our needs. So thankful for good health and a wonderful family. Looking forward to and amazing year in 2012.