Sunday, July 29, 2012

To Arkansas And Back

On July 12, 2012 I flew to Little Rock, AR to join
the family, attend Regional Convention and meet
new friends.

Convention was so refreshing. I met so many new
people and enjoyed the fellowship very much. The
messages were encouraging and I tried to just soak
in every minute of it. Of course, I loved to hear
my guys sing again.

Here is Jacob, Megan, Sara and Philip.
They were helpers in the Children's Church.
I think they fit in pretty good. :-)

The whole gang, minus Grace and her family.
I had to have a picture taken in this cool
Gazebo, in the Barker's backyard. Thanks
Sis. Charlotte for taking this picture.

 Monday, the 16th, we headed to Mountain View, AR.
On the way, we passed through Strawberry... Home
of Roger Bennett. He was a great piano player for
the Cathedrals Quartet and I always enjoyed his
stories about Strawberry, AR. My smile here, is a
nervous smile... The grasshoppers were very thick
and they were jumping everywhere.
 Onto Mountain View, we stayed with the James Dixon
family and they allowed us to ride their horses. It has been
many years since riding a horse but it all came back to
me when I jumped on. Of course we payed the price
the next day... Very sore muscles.
This is Sand Man... A very fun horse to ride.
 We had a great time visiting with the people in
Mountain View and we drove around town...
Walked down town, looked in some shops, ate
at the Soda Fountain and had a fantastic Coke,
with AMAZING crushed ice.
We had a BBQ at the park (A surprise graduation
party for Philip). We met more Church people
and had great food. We loved every minute of
our stay in Mountain View. Thanks to everyone
who took care of us, while there.

July 19 was the day for me to fly home. The plan was
for me to fly home and the rest of the family would
head to AZ after dropping me off at the airport.
While getting ready to head to the airport Colin
says he has a very uneasy feeling about me flying
home alone, on this trip... The more he talked about
it, the more flurbed out I got so we drove on,
not stopping at the airport in Little Rock and we
all drove together.... What a long drive! On the
way home their were some pretty nasty storms.
We made it back to AZ safe and sound, after driving
21 hours straight... I don't know how Colin does it.

On Tuesday, the 24th, I took the family down to
our neighbor's house, Jack and Penny. Jack is a
retired stunt man and was a double for the Lone Ranger.
He is so much fun to listen to... All of the shows he's
worked on, the people he's worked with... He even
brought out his Lone Ranger mask, hat, guns and holster
for us to try on... Those pictures are on FB.
Here is a picture of Jack. This picture was taken
50 years after the Lone Ranger, right out here,
in AZ... He looks great! He signed it for us...
He was so cute... He said he was the honored one,
being in the presence of such talent... I gave them a CD
a couple of months ago and they have really
enjoyed it...

So now, here it is July 29th... The guys head out
again tomorrow. They will be gone a month this
time and then it will be time for a new chapter in
the Shuler Book of Life... :-)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Week #4

Ok, it's been four weeks without the whole family.
The weeks are getting a little harder... I am now
counting down the days until I get to fly to AR...
I could make more quilts but I already cleaned up
the AZ room and put the sewing machine away.
If it were my house I would leave it all out and keep
working... So, I did finish quilt #3 for the new boy
coming in October. And I made the matching pillow.
I think it turned out pretty cute... Makes me feel like
Grandma Babe, making quilts for the Grand kids :o)

I took the Special K challenge for two weeks. I
didn't lose 2" off my waist as promised by the
advertising, but I have lost 4 lbs, so I can't complain.

I have been keeping busy with odd things here
and there... I won't bore you with the details.

8 more days and I get to see the family! I
am very excited! I am also looking forward
to meeting a plethora of people who are
anxious to meet the woman who belongs to
those crazy Shuler men.

Life can be cruel... But it's all good!