Sunday, November 22, 2009

Newest CD

is now available to purchase!
Just send $17.00 to:
The Shuler Family
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's Been Going On...

It has been a busy few weeks... Too much
to explain... So I'll sum up...
Wickenberg Bluegrass Festival Nov. 14, 2009
Jacob entered the Mandolin contest
and placed 4th.
He had a lot of fun and we enjoyed
listening. We always have fun at
the Festivals.

We sang at The Art's Academy at Estrella Mountain
on Nov. 20... This is half of the audience...

Here's the other half. We had an awkward time here.
After the third song we were asked to not sing
any more gospel songs. It was heart wrenching :-(
The kids were very sad and so were we.
The gentleman who invited us was feeling
pretty bad and apologized over and over
again. I told them we would not be back, after we
finished this engagement. God is our reason
to make a joyful noise and sing of His goodness
and His salvation. I am sad that people choose to
miss out on His blessings and promises.

Nov. 21... It was dark before 6pm
Crazy, huh? Too bad you can't see the
front of this Church, it's beautiful.
We were happy to be at Velda Rose again
this year. They are a great group.
Jacob and Philip, WOWing the crowd.

After we were done here we went out to eat
with a great friend of the family that is
attending ASU. She was able to come hear
us sing then fellowship for awhile at KFC.
By the way... Try the Buffalo Wings, they're
pretty good.
Nov. 22 we sang at Sun City Christian Church.
This Church may look familiar to some...
This is where our oldest daughter got married.
It is also where we took our picture for our latest CD.

Also, this week, Philip got his driver's permit. Third time for Mom to teach Driver's Ed. It's a crazy time... It's a nerve racking thing for a parent to teach a kid to drive. Just when you survive one there is another one waiting for their turn. In our case, we have three more to teach, after Philip. Please pray for us :-)
These were the highlights of the past few weeks... There were the normal things that go on along with all the fun stuff... School, Church, work, etc... We are enjoying this time of year. THIS is why we live in AZ... FANTASTIC winters... Ahhhh, the good life.