Saturday, January 1, 2011

December 30, 2010

As I have said, many times before, my kids grow up way too fast.
Philip turned 17 on the 30th. Here he is with his
Triple Chocolate cake... We ate it with vanilla bean
ice cream and hot fudge.
Here he is with Sara... Our two middle children.
10 + years ago they would have killed each other if
they had to stand that close.

We picked up Chipotle burritos for supper.

Here he is, modeling his new leather jacket...
He's a mighty handsome fella...

It's hard to believe Philip is now 17. They really do grow up fast.
He has grown into a fine young man. He didn't get his birthday
wish... He wanted to be 6' by his birthday... I hope he had a
good day anyway... There is always next year.