Sunday, January 17, 2010

Family, Singing & Glendale Glitters

Game night with Grandma and Papa...
Time for goofy smiles...
I think Papa has everyone beat...

Colin and Sara giving it their best shot.

Family dinner at Country Buffet.

This is Kyleigh... She is my second cousin's
grand baby. She is SOOOO cute!

From the back left Dick and Sydney Bartlet...
Then Aunt Ruby (Grandma Bunny's sister) then
Steven Boyd... Far back right is Judy, Grandma Bunny,
& Uncle Harry.

At this table we have, at the far left, Philip...

Actually we have Jacob sneaking into the back...
Then there is Jennifer Boyd and Jeremy Boyd
(brother and sister) across from Jeremy is
his wife Jennifer behind her are Karen and
Mike Boyd.

Now on to the singing... AZ Community Church

in Tempe, AZ. This was a great night.

Philip and Jacob stealing the show...

Here's Papa... And he's... Well...
Just being Papa...

The guys singing
"Tumble Weed"

Here we are in front of the first hot air
balloon we saw when we got to Glendale Glitters.

Then we came across this juggler.
He was great!

Here he was juggling a sickle, sword & a pick.

The kids in front of the park, which
was lit in thousands of lights.

Me joining in...
Here is a Bluegrass Band that was one of the
many performers that were out that night.
They are called "Muskellunge" from
Flagstaff, AZ.

Here is a little puppy we saw out at the park.
He was six weeks old.

Jacob and his new glasses.
Jacob and Tommy and their new teeth.
Sara and Megan with their new hearts :-)
I forgot to get a picture of Philip and what he bought.
All the kids got something glowing and then Philip
bought food. Too bad I didn't get a picture of him
eating his Island noodles.
Fun night... But cold. It must
have been 50 something... ;-)
You gotta love living in Arizona
this time of year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fiesta Bowl 2010

What a game! Way to go BSU!!!

Final score 17 - 10. Boise beats TCU...
But they had to work hard for it.
Fun game.