Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Philip

On December 30, 1993 at 2:15 a.m.
Philip Charles joined the Shuler family.
Weighing 7lbs. 1 oz and 19 3/4 inches long.
Here he is, one day old, laying in Grandma Bobbie's
doll cradle.
We thought he was going to be a Christmas baby
but he decided to wait a few more days.
I hope you enjoy a few pictures of Philip's
growing up years with a few comments
here and there...

Philip has always loved to eat. Here he is at
a Church picnic in Pocatello, ID where the
people nicknamed him "Boo", because every time
they would show up to Church, he would pop
out and say, "Boo!"

It was not uncommon for Philip to pass out
after lunch... Sometimes he couldn't wait
until lunch was over.

Super Phil in Metropolis, IL.

Philip's first time meeting Bro. Dewayne Smith,
in fact it was a first for us all. Bro. Smith came, we
had an emergency with a Church member, and
we left him with all of the kids. They got to know
each other real well.
The band JFJ (Jump For Jesus)October 2003 Philip joined The Church of God.

Practicing for the recording session
at New Wine Recording Studio
Apple Valley, CA.

Philip doesn't deal with stress too well.CFA Christmas Elves or Nerds, whichever...
All six Shuler kids... Philip is the tall one
in the middle :0)Contacts for the first time...
December 2009.Here is Philip, being frustrated with school, in
the next three pictures...

Bible Training Institute, Cleveland, TN.
These are the kinds of things you do at Bible School...
When Philip was about six years old, he asked
Bro. Kevin Werkheiser if he could marry his daughter.
Here he is with Ashley Werkheiser...
And, no, they are not married, nor are
there any pre-arrangements... Even if they
do make a cute couple.
Ruby Falls...
Look at their excitement as they
see Ruby Falls, 2000 feet below
the surface...

Uncle Philip, holding his
first niece, Zoe Isabella.

Loving siblings...

Sporting his new poncho, purchased
from the Soto's store in Hatch, NM.
Preaching during one of the many revivals
this past year.

Senior Pics...
Class of 2012.

And now Philip is a man...
He has signed up for
Secret Services
(code for Selective Service)

In Novemeber, of this year, Philip recieved his
lay minster's license. He has been traveling
with his Dad and brother for the past
seven months, preaching and singing...
We are so proud of the great young man he
has become. It is so hard to believe that 18 years
has already passed.
Happy birthday Philip!
I love you! ~~Mom~~