Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Cd

Samples of our new Cd
"He Watches Over Me"
can be heard
on our web site...
Check it out.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chrystal Cathedral And The Beach

Thursday 9-10-09

Grandma had to go see the Chrystal Cathedral.
It has been over six years since she's been there.

This is the smaller chapel... You'll see the inside
of this one in a little while...

This is the Cathedral...

You've probably seen these same shots on TV...
Only it was probably full of people.

Huge pipe organ

Outside in the courtyard...
The kids took turns riding in the wheelchair
when Grandma wanted to walk...
People were probably quite confused when they
saw a different kid in the wheelchair.

Joseph and Mary and Baby Jesus.

I thought there might be an elevator to take you to
the top of this structure... I was wrong.
I think there is a prayer room at the bottom.

The Shepherd rejoicing after bringing
home the lost sheep that was now found...

Cathedral Cemetery...

There were three levels to this cemetery...
Grandma wanted to find her brother-in-law's
grave site. Wilbert Eichenberger worked side
by side with Dr. Schuller for many years.
So we searched until we found it. After we found it
we stood there for about 10 seconds and then she
said, "Ok, let's go". She is not a lingerer...

The small chapel... The kids sang a song...
Now they can say that they sang at the
Chrystal Cathedral.

After were done at the Chrystal Cathedral we headed
to New Port Beach...

This was Tommy's first time to the Ocean.
They all had a blast!

Standing on the Pier.

We had a fantastic time at the beach. The water was cold,
but it didn't stop the fun. The kids played in the water and
collected sea weed... We ate corn dogs, nachos and
french fries.... And played in the water again.
What a great day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ronald Reagan Library Museum

Wednesday 9-9-09 we went to The Ronald Reagan
Library Museum. Very interesting!
This is Colin and Gerri standing in front of the first
section of the Berlin wall to come down...

This is outside the Cafe... It overlooks a beautiful valley.
On a clear day you can see the Ocean... Because of the fires...
It was NOT a clear day.

A picture of Ronald Reagan...
Made out of 10,000 jelly beans.

Sara and George Washington...

The protective BIG brother.

Reagan Cafe... Good food.

Reagan's Memorial

Air Force One

This was just before entering Air Force One...
We were not allowed to take pictures inside...
You'll have to take my word for it... SO COOL!

Marine One

It was a very long day and everyone was tired.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

Monday night "I Buy" game...

Tommy decided he was done with
the game and watched TV...
Tuesday morning, in the Lobby...

Everyone reading something...

Trying to fill the time...

Until 9:30am... Then we headed to
Knott's Berry Farm.

First ride... The Sidewinder.
Once you go over the first hill
the pods are released to spin as
you're going on the coaster track...

Here we are with Snoopy. He really liked
Grandma and kept kissing her on the head.

A first time for the kids on the
Ferris Wheel...

Sara didn't like it... See her painted
on smile?

Big Foot Rapids...

The Swings...

Of course we had to eat at Mrs. Knott's
Famous Fried Chicken...

It was a full day and the kids had a blast!
We rode rides, (all except Colin and Grandma)
got wet, ate good food and had great
fun... Then there was the drive back to the
motel... Driving on CA Interstates are scarier
than any amusement park ride...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Few More Recording Pics

It may be hard to tell, but the sunset was blood red...
Right now, because of the California fires,
the sun is red and so is the moon.

This Gerri, relaxing... She didn't play basketball
with the others... She stinks at basketball.
She tried to shoot a few hoops but failed...
Here are a couple shots of the kids,
recording their songs...
Tommy did a great job...

Megan also did a great job...
in spite of her cold...

Grandma, Sara and Gerri sang in this room,

with Megan and Tommy.