Monday, May 17, 2010

Villa de Las Madrinas

We were invited to sing at the Villa de Las Madrina's
Sunday Social, in Scottsdale. This was their last big
get-together before the residents have to move out.
Because of the lack of funds they are having to
stop this program. These people are so sweet and
we enjoyed spending Sunday afternoon with them.
Here are some of the people that attended.
They would wander in and out as the program
was going on. Two other bands performed
before us.

The kids were a big hit, as always. Here they are
singing "Praise the Lord, I'm a Christian"
with the Hawaiian flare... Look close and
you'll notice Jacob playing his new ukulele.

Tommy singing "Fat Gal of Mine".
This was a BIG hit.
Here is Colin with one of the residents. This
gentleman really enjoyed the music. He was
so cute. He kept smiling and waving at us. He also
gave Megan a kiss on the cheek.
We had a fantastic time at the Villa. We were glad to
have Daniel Doerfler and Shane Stevenson
tag along with us too. It was a great day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Picnic At Lakeview Park, Sun City, AZ

Grandma Bunny thought it would be a good idea
to go to the park, for a picnic... My mom and sister
are in town and she thought we could go to the
park since it is so nice outside... Plus the kids
wouldn't have to sit still in a restaurant.
Here is Aunt Jacki, Sara, Megan and Tommy.
Here is Sara, Tommy and Megan at the
top of the hill, looking down at us. It
really is a beautiful park.
But FYI... Don't go if you have kids...
Long story, short... I don't think they like kids.

This is a black swan across the lake.

Some of the critters at the park were...
A turtle...


... And several lizards.

Here's the family...
Grandma Bunny, Sara, Tommy,
Grandma Bobbie, Megan and Aunt Jacki.
We had a really nice day... For the most part.
We had a little squabble with the park lady...
But that's a whole long story.... That's why I
suggest to not go to this park if you have
young children...
Otherwise... It was a nice day.