Saturday, October 22, 2011

July 2011

June 29 - July 3 we were in revival in Kennewick, WA.

We had a wonderful time in their beautiful building

that God has provided for them.

It was great to see Sis. Connie and Sis. Lori.
They helped out with the music, during song service
and altar time.
We had such a great time with Justin and
Celeste Sweeney. They are a great couple...
And their kids are cuties.
We were glad to introduce them to
Panda Express, our favorite!
Duke even enjoyed himself at the Sweeney's.
He found a comfortable place to sleep.

4th of July we headed to Burlington, to spend some

time with family. We had the most fun 4th of July

ever. Since living in the city, and fireworks are illegal, we

haven't even had sparklers for the kids, in 7 years.

Papa Shuler went all out and bought a HUGE box

of fireworks and several bricks of firecrackers.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures to show... If I knew

how to upload videos I could show you some

fun stuff. The guys thought of all kinds of ways to blow

things up with firecrackers. The most successful

was a 2 liter bottle full of firecrackers.

Pretty impressive. After the sun went down,

the fireworks began. The kids had so much fun...

And so did the adults. The whole neighborhood

was involved and there were "booms" and "bangs"

going on all through the night. City kids sure can

be deprived...

July 9 - Allison (niece) married the love

of her life... Michael Anderson. It was a

beautiful wedding and we are so happy

for them. Here are a few characters

that showed up.

Allison and Michael Anderson.

Cousins: Jonah, Philip, Allison,

Jacob and Tommy.

The happy Uncle, Aunt and parents.

The happy bride...

Megan, with a burnt out sparkler. Everyone had

sparklers and blew bubbles when the bride

and groom left... Pretty cool, although I was

a little concerned that some one's hair was

going to get caught on fire...

After the wedding, everyone was exhausted. We

picked up burgers from Jack-in-the-Box and we

came home and relaxed... As you can see.

July 15 - 17

Darrington Bluegrass Festival.

Always an enjoyable weekend.

Here is the Navy Band:

Country Current.

Great group of guys and

amazing musicians.

The Grascals...

Colin was one of the Emcee's for the weekend.

Everyone loved him... How could they not? :0)

Here he is all spiffied up, getting ready to sing.

Megan singing, "Old Blue".

Sara singing, "He Goes to Church on Sundays Now".

Backstage... I guess I got these pictures a little

mixed up... They would have done this BEFORE

going on stage...

Papa and Sara, backstage.

He seems thrilled to have his picture taken

at this time...

Lyndi (niece) with the Navy boys.

They probably thought she was my daughter.

Ed Blanton (cousin) with

Jamie Johnson (Grascals)

The whole crew minus a few, with

the Grascals.

The Grascals, on stage.

July 20 - 23... Revival in Hamilton, WA.

Our services were held at an outdoor

pavilion, in the Hamilton Park.

What a great new experience. Really nice

turn out for a small area. Several people

would stop and listen form across the street.

That was great... I hope the Lord touched

their hearts. It was nice to be with Jacob Doran

and his family.

July 24 it was time to load up and head towards

Salem, OR. We had such a wonderful time with

the family these past couple of weeks, but it was

time to move on...

Here is Ken (brother-in-law) helping Colin

with the memory foam mattress pad.

Once those babies expand, it's hard to get

them tiny again. I think they did a

pretty good job.

It's a good thing they got that mattress topper

small enough to fit between the seats... You can't see it

but that was Jacob's seat all the way home, since we

picked up a hitch-hiker from TN. Andrea flew

in for the Festival and had so much fun

with this crazy Shuler bunch that she decided

to stick with us for a while.

Here is Andrea, in Seattle, at Starbucks. She

had to stop at a Starbucks, IN Seattle to get

an authentic Starbucks mug.

By the way Andrea, YES, I was a little perturbed.

No, I was very perturbed... Here we were pulling

our trailer through the streets... Narrow streets

of downtown Seattle, trying to find the Starbucks

for a coffee mug. I was a nervous wreck!

We survived Seattle and headed down the

road to meet up with Devin and Lyndi at

Multnomah Falls. What a beautiful place.

The many times we have passed these

falls, we haven't taken the time to stop.

Since we were so close, we wanted to take

the kids. The kids all hiked to the very top.

It's a little over a mile hike, strait up to the

top... The falls are a drop of 611 feet.

Then it was time to head on over to Salem.

While in Salem, we were able to visit with

some of Colin's family that we hadn't seen

in over 20 years. Aunt Helen, Uncle Emmett

and Sally. It was so good to see them.

Revival in Salem, OR. July 25 - 29.

Devin and Lyndi stayed the week with us, while

we were in Salem. It was great to be them... We

always have a great time with them.

Since they were there, they had to help

in the services also...

We had to stop and have breakfast with

Uncle Emmett, Aunt Helen and Sally before

heading to our next destination... And we were

happy to see more family show up...

Leroy and Wanda.

July 31 - Aug. 3... Revival in Prineville, OR.

The first day of revival was at this pavilion,

at the Crooked River Park. Sunday morning

we had our service, then we had some amazing

food, prepared by the local church, and then

an afternoon service with visitors from the


We played volleyball with the pastor (Ken Brock)

and his family. We had fun, except it did become

quite competitive and I think we all had to

get saved all over again, after this game... :0)

After volleyball, the kids decided they were too

hot and they jumped into the creek. Here they

are trying to convince Andrea to jump in. Eventually

she made it in.

Megan and Andrea.

All of the wet kids... Except for Morgan Brock...

Notice, she is dry... She's the only one who got

to ride home on the INSIDE of the vehicle,

because she didn't get wet :0)

Everyone else rode in the back of the truck.

The Brock's took us to Goody's.

A yogurt bar... It was SO YUMMY!

You pick your yogurt then go put whatever

toppings you can find on it. It was so good.

Tommy had candy Legos in his yogurt.

Jacob, giving a guitar lesson...

Since Andrea was tagging along, we put her

to work too. She helped with singing and sometimes

played the piano.

This was at Shelly's (cousin) house.

Tommy thought this was a good place to store

his sword that he acquired from the McLeod's.

Pastor Ken Brock and his family.

Aug. 4th (Megan's 14th birthday) we headed home.

We had a fantastic summer in the Northwest.

Met new people... Had wonderful revivals...

Spent time with family...

God is SO good!