Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Sara!

The many faces of
Sara Bethany Shuler
Born June 15, 1995 @ 8:56pm
Chubbuck, ID

Papa Shuler with Sara

Snack time always takes a lot out of ya!

Bronco's biggest fan!

Church benches are always a good place to take a nap.

Blowing bubbles at Grand mother and Grand dad's place.

Sara could be bribed to do most anything with
a box of Altoids... Even walk down the aisle
in a wedding...

Birthday spankings are a must in the Shuler
household... Except when you're 18.

A proud moment of finding the cutest little seashell.

Mark Phillips with Sara and Flat Shipley...
Havasu Landing Bluegrass Festival.

During braces...
After braces...

Can you feel the love tonight...

Papa Shuler and Sara again... Best buddies!

Sara with her AMAZING mommy!

The Lone Sara...
Sara with all of her siblings...

And this is what we have today...

Sara Beth... A beautiful young lady that God
has placed in the Shuler family. We love you,
Sara... Happy Birthday!