Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Sara!

The many faces of
Sara Bethany Shuler
Born June 15, 1995 @ 8:56pm
Chubbuck, ID

Papa Shuler with Sara

Snack time always takes a lot out of ya!

Bronco's biggest fan!

Church benches are always a good place to take a nap.

Blowing bubbles at Grand mother and Grand dad's place.

Sara could be bribed to do most anything with
a box of Altoids... Even walk down the aisle
in a wedding...

Birthday spankings are a must in the Shuler
household... Except when you're 18.

A proud moment of finding the cutest little seashell.

Mark Phillips with Sara and Flat Shipley...
Havasu Landing Bluegrass Festival.

During braces...
After braces...

Can you feel the love tonight...

Papa Shuler and Sara again... Best buddies!

Sara with her AMAZING mommy!

The Lone Sara...
Sara with all of her siblings...

And this is what we have today...

Sara Beth... A beautiful young lady that God
has placed in the Shuler family. We love you,
Sara... Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Playing Catch Up.

Not quite sure how nine months flew by... I will try to give as short of a summery, as possible, to update you on our "goings-on"...
For fourteen months (2011 - 2012) Colin, Jacob and Philip (Sometimes Sara) traveled all over the U.S., singing and evangelizing. The rest of the family stayed in Arizona, to care for Grandma Bunny. In June, Colin was asked to take a pastorate in Mountain View, AR. This was exciting and crazy at the same time. What would we do with Grandma? Well, that was an easy answer... We thought we had it all figured out. I had already made a commitment to her, so it was obvious what we had to do. Colin and the kids would move to Arkansas and I would stay with Grandma as long as she needed me. We sat the family down to talk to Grandma. We told her that Colin and the kids would be moving and I would stay with her... At first, nothing was said... Then she said, "I want to go too!" We all were speechless... That was the beginning of many miracles. We packed up and off to Arkansas we went....

While looking at houses on-line I found several that I fell in love with, but of course, they were not in our price range. We prayed for God to show us the right one. The next day we phoned a Real Estate Agent and told him our story. He told us to come in, he had just the right house for us. God had our house waiting for us...  He's so amazing!

We are so blessed! I cannot thank the Lord enough for His many blessings. He supplies ALL of our needs. Not only did He give us a beautiful place to live, but a wonderful church family... They have welcomed us right into their fellowship. We LOVE this place and everyone here!

In October, we drove to Montana to welcome grand baby #3, into this world. Titus Colin was born Oct. 26. Isn't he adorable?
We celebrated our first Thanksgiving here... First Christmas... First New Year's... Even experienced our first tornado watch/warning... Jacob works at Iron Works, Philip works at the hospital and both boys received scholarships and plan to start college this Fall. Sara graduated High School... Megan and Tommy are finishing up the 9th and 5th grade... We got a horse... Colin and I are busier than we've ever been before and yet we are more relaxed than ever before.

I know there are many, many other things that have happened but I couldn't tell all... God has blessed us beyond measure. We cannot thank Him enough for allowing us to be here, ALL together again. Looking forward to many great things happening in our little community.

I'll try my best to keep up...