Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Week #4

Ok, it's been four weeks without the whole family.
The weeks are getting a little harder... I am now
counting down the days until I get to fly to AR...
I could make more quilts but I already cleaned up
the AZ room and put the sewing machine away.
If it were my house I would leave it all out and keep
working... So, I did finish quilt #3 for the new boy
coming in October. And I made the matching pillow.
I think it turned out pretty cute... Makes me feel like
Grandma Babe, making quilts for the Grand kids :o)

I took the Special K challenge for two weeks. I
didn't lose 2" off my waist as promised by the
advertising, but I have lost 4 lbs, so I can't complain.

I have been keeping busy with odd things here
and there... I won't bore you with the details.

8 more days and I get to see the family! I
am very excited! I am also looking forward
to meeting a plethora of people who are
anxious to meet the woman who belongs to
those crazy Shuler men.

Life can be cruel... But it's all good!


  1. that quilt looks fabulous good job. I just finished a rag quilt for Sis. Cathy's baby it turned out cute. Glad u will get to be with the family soon...

  2. Ah, come on! Bore us with the details! I'd love to hear them!
    The quilt and pillow look adorable! How fun!
    It's funny you would say it makes you feel like Grandma Babe. I was just feeling that same way today as I was preparing to go cook for 100 people at the Camp that begins tomorrow. I was thinking of all those years she was the Head Cook for Idaho camps. She made the best meals--nothing institutionalized-tasting. I was picturing her today in the kitchen, always busy. I think of her SO OFTEN and miss her like crazy. There have been so many times lately I've wished I could call her and just chat for a while. She was always a wealth of information on just about ANY subject. Smart lady, and extremely industrious. I want to be like her when I grow up. ;-)
    So glad you get to go to the AR Convention. Enjoy it, get blessed, enjoy the family and your "time off." How long will you be gone? And then how long before the kids go back to AZ? Is this trip in the middle point of their time away, or will you be before or after the half-way point?

  3. I leave for AR this Thursday, the 12th... I am SO ready to go! Our plans have been changed and the kids are coming home early. When Colin and the kids drop me off at the airport on the 19th, they are heading to AZ also. Everyone will be home for a week, then the guys head East.

  4. We leave tomorrow morning to drive to Atlanta, catch a flight to Mexico City, then ride the bus to Puebla for the National Convention. It's always a GOOD one, and we're excited to see the Banuelos family again. We return late Monday evening.
    I'm sure you're ready for the kids to be back home with you. And it looks like they've been having a blast while in AR. Happy, happy memories. :-)
    Soak up lots of blessings as you pour out your soul at the Convention. That's always a good Convention, too. I know you'll enjoy it. Are you flying in to Memphis? Little Rock?