Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week #3

Three weeks have now passed since the family went to AR.
I have had to slow down because I may run out of things to
do, and I have two more weeks to go.

I decided, with the extra material I had from the first
quilts, to make some pillows... I'm not sure I want
to do that again... I didn't enjoy that too much,
but they're still cute...

I started the third quilt for the new baby. It would
have been done a few days ago, but I made myself
walk away... I needed to leave myself something to do
next week.

Grandma had a few doctor's appointments this
week, so that helped make some days go by.
She had her yearly Alzhiemer check up...
She has donated her brain to the Research Institute
so they evaluate her every year. She is doing
remarkable for her age.

The normal weekly chores keep me somewhat
busy also... Although things don't get too messy
with just two people and a dog. Duke and I get
up and walk a mile every morning... He is
faithful (too faithful) to wake me up and we go.
Then I come home and have my coffee and we
start the day.

Tommy celebrated his 11th birthday
this last week. I think he had a good
time. Sara made some pasta salad,
he loves that stuff... We all do. The Dixon's
are taking great care of them. They're
having fun!

Well, that's it for this last week.  Next week
I'm pretty sure I'll have pictures of the finished
third quilt.

Two weeks from tonight I will be in AR.
So, looking forward to seeing my family!


  1. The quilts look GREAT! Way to go, girl!
    I'm so happy you get to go be with the family in a couple of weeks. I know you'll enjoy every minute.
    LOVE the picture of Max that is in the right column, right next to this box that I'm typing in. What a happy boy! Zoe is adorable, as well. So far, Gracie is holding to the pattern you set--girl, boy, boy. :-) She's a good mom, just like her mom; only her mommy skills are not a surprise to me like yours were. HA! When you were growing up I never would have envisioned you as a happy mom of 6 happy kids.

  2. I amazed myself... Especially since I never wanted to have kids... Kids made me nervous. I can't imagine life without a one of them! I just wish they wouldn't grow up so fast and leave me... But then on the other hand, when they leave, they give me grand babies, so I guess it all is good.

  3. The only thing better than grandchildren is getting to live around them, huh? Wouldn't THAT be nice? But I just keep reminding myself that pleasing God is the MOST important thing in my life and teaching my children and grandchildren by example is the next important thing. :-)